wednesday 22 June'22 - 18:00 HOT female officer is captured and fucked - 4K(ozone layer) shit after 1987 United Nations Montreal Protocol d'ozone layer started thickening again and 2nd half of 21th century will be like before 1980 when cancer wouldn't wipe out your fucky piggy alibino skin but didn't wanna talk bout that!no bout poles melting, sea rising and extreme lots water bundln up at d'equator where center seeking force is at it's top(slingshot rockets) equator's earth mass↟ pulling more water as biggah magnet yeh cohesian↟ rain↟ flooding↟ and pulln last water from desert areas nah forget it! dirty (news), -earth quacke afghanistan 950+. -rvssians stealn ukraine grain for Czar's syrian friend Assad -ECHR European Court of Human Rights blocked UK fly immigrants to africa and now UK government put up law ruln out ECHR how?by installn own British High Court above it. -lesson learned from Rvssia attackn Ukraine?agreements are none more then a piece of paper and Rvssia need perform much more quality control on bullits and rockets yeh 60% is to low dude! i know, which will increase fuckn price yeh rubles but remember! disfunctioning MIM-104 Patriot in Quatar was eminem and Yankees quality control goes down d'roof!nvm ...two left hands.09:11


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holy fuckn all dem fine white bitches and start stalkn!sunday 26 June'22 - 21:38 18yo student stalked and fucked in the shower, 4k yeh bout d'evidence.(news), hmm can't let go man srs tried yeh run. -Carpathians still under missile attack, now city of Lysytsjansk. -Iran shootn Zuljanah rocket to put sattelites in orbit but also able to carry nukeHeads(!) -brasil robbery>1+ -Spanish assault 23+ -South Africa bar attacked 22+ hmm not a rough weekend. i'm watchn "Sign(2002)"for da 10th time in my life and it's exactly da same as last time yeh bit like Patricia. when under influence tried all! drunk/weed/tied/tamed/shared/hanged/bush/swamp/piss/choked/robbed/gassed/shaved/stretched/scratched/whipped/bite/burn/broken white ass whatever ...boring as hell nvm me ja maybe next time i'm gonnan get stoned gain or some then i don't know and don't care. -kill someone while driving in your car and UK can put y'jelly white ass away for life!says new law oh bout that movie Sign well this lil'boy Kevin Spencey or some ja from Home Alone turned out to be crack head ugly as hell and totally wacko of all white dick catchn ja my own famous million dollar baby! guess if this's d'end of d'world then i'm screwed yeh locked up.: