birthday patricia 01 August'22 - 11:37 DutchFriends Swingers LittleOrgy Xhamster yeh she turned 28 but let's do news: -and da world is saved!first boat loaded with grain leaves Ukraine, 16 waiting to departure ...but can i add a few packages? -rumble in d'Jungle between Kosovo und Servia!hmm they're still busy slappn da Tiroler Schuplatter at eachothas thighs. -pope Franci is 85 and thinks he's old enough to deliver his big white staff to Lord Jesus!now a bit worned out and shrwinkeled.. -ol'news bout Rvssia'r romantic feelings for Uncle Sam und his NATO yeh guten abend! -after Jeanne d'Arcs southern france now Portugal sets herselfs on forest fires while temperature is still rising! -omfg!Bin Laden donated one million pound to Prince Charles yeh England.srs! -after East, Czar does South Ukraine why?next target "Tauric Peninsula"(Crimea!) ja strategic value to Bolsheviks ...shit from beatifical salvating referendum to ultimate excalibur annexation.-now we know why Anatoli Tsjoebajs(Czar's top advisor left Rvssia in march!)some kinda awfull not pronouncable white men's decease. (shitheads!), still waitn for that underbelly feeling, right? oh just in! -Great Alps closed cause of xtreme meltn glaciers.12:24


fuckn wednesday 03 Augustus'22 - 16:55 Blonde and brunette busty tourists get fucked in threesome! yeh sightseen shit!(news), -iceland.vulcano eruption near mount Fagradalsfjall where last time an iceland smokn vulcano shut down whole european flying aorta. -Xin Zhao's hunt for acient chinese civilwar renegades hiding in Taiwan continues ...with or without Uncle Sam still breathn. -brain behind Twin Tower attack Ayman al-Zawahiri(leader Al Qaida)killed by two ninja rockets from US drone. -a yankee who's also a milonair, insured his white bitch properly for 4.8m and then shot her dead on a huntingtrip "i said i was sorry!". -Kansas USA votes gainst dismantling da right to perform abortion also voted for finance this shit by opinion?where's da rest! -specific parts of USA subjected to explosive amounts of monkeyPox infections(..) -fuckn white assholes!120 mineworkers raped and robbed victims hmm hope they're all females othawise increase of moneypox. -lesson learning.big mouthed Germany deliberately blocked from Rvssian gas yeh and i'll keep on prayn for a mellow winter. -wipe clean.António Bandeiras from UN says nucleair war is eminem due to lots conflicts on earth. .tbc: 040822 20:20 well folks, i finally found it! srs that big wide white pot of gold at d'end of that fuckn queer rainbow flag yeh it's been kept a secret for centurions but i unlocked da riddle!how?dono ask d'fuckn long dreaded rasta witch!cause she made it happen and left leave me.wganja

wednesday 27 July'22 - 21:59 PUBLIC FUCK by black man in his car - hmm so that's where all weather went!-Pakistan heaviest rainfall ever! -gaspipe Nord Stream 2 tightened from 40% to 20% by Rvssia yeh we're doomed but we'll survive this freakn War also! -omg!Japan has this conservative female problem yeh like in underdeveloped und submissive hmm reminds me of that KuKuKlux clamp shit yeh from that movie "Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey" bout this white dude having 65 white bitches at will sure Warren Jeffs und der Fundamentalistic Church of Jesus Christ(who died 2000 years ago for all our sins(?))nvm think few white dudes brought it much to far und Japan has to deal with oilCrisis und Aging of her heavenly Shunga(春画) enjoying und hard working population yeh please do shit me! -wtf's wrong with pope?try get under her majestic da queen skirt by sending some kinda freaky looney rhym?!ok ok nvm but if y'wanna blow me long black whistle one time for a mobile phone or prepaid credit it's ok ol'bud! yeh cheers. -Amnesty International.ol'news bout Taliban und bad women rights. -thought Rvssia und Israel where friends?quarrel bout israel organisation screening rvssian citizens to send to Israel!rvssian rules're tightened cause of CarpathianWar. -hmm Crownprinses Elisabeth from Belgium wants to become platoon leader of moi extremely exclusive elite personal commando army hmm well congrats my pretty dear!you're all in! (yeh up yours to assholes!).23:07